There is a reformation of thought rising from the discontent created by the current health care model. We no longer believe there is a pill to cure us: a “magic bullet” waiting to solve all that ails us. Slowly, inevitably, the realization that we must take back our right to choose the kind of health care we participate in is pervading our culture. If we wait for others to change the system, we will never experience the divine expression of God that is waiting to burst forth from within us. Each of us must become Self-reliant. It is our duty to be our own caregivers. No one can do for us what we must do for ourselves.

To begin this transformation of awareness about our health, the first step is to discontinue the mistaken belief that there is a God or a doctor or anyone outside ourselves that will step into our lives and restore us to health. There is no external force, no power, no being—good or evil—that causes our problems or solves them. We and we alone are the creators of our current perceived states. If we choose to wait for an external authority to save us and we never take the steps toward Self-reliance, we are fated to stagnation, and all that is ours will be denied us.