Pastoral Counseling


Pastoral Counseling differs greatly from modern psychotherapy and does not take the place of a psychotherapist. In yogic psychology the emphasis is placed on our true spiritual identity, understanding the origins of our karmic challenges, and how they affect the mind, and behaviors as well as the choices available to us.

Each Zoom session will begin with a short meditation and last no more than a half hour with a minimum of 2 weeks between sessions. Dependence on pastoral counseling as therapy is discouraged.

We move together in a safe environment through a process of radical acceptance, diffusing the toxic and harmful mental energies associated with whatever is causing us to suffer. Through radical acceptance, we are able to neutralize the negative thoughts and feelings causing us pain.

Eventually, with practice, we can reach a place of non-identification navigating through life untroubled by these mental modifications flowing in wave-like patterns through the mind.

Namaste, Michael

I refer to this process as B.O.R.N.N. it stands for:



Radical Acceptance




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