Kriya Pranayama Initiation

Roy Eugene Davis ordained me in the fall of 2003 saying, “When Master ordained me, he said ‘Teach as I have taught, heal as I have healed, and initiate sincere seekers in Kriya Yoga.’ I say these same words now to you Michael.”

The last time I saw my Guru in the summer of 2018, we sat together for 2 1/2 hours in his chalet on the grounds of CSA in Lakemont Ga.

During the conversation, I told him I was ready once again to represent him and CSA.

He began to nod then stopped and looked far away for just a moment. Turning to me with a most intense look, he said very slowly and in a solemn voice, “And this Kriya Yoga tradition.” Caught off guard by his intensity, I could only nod.

I knew then that I would carry on his spiritual work and legacy to the best of my ability for the rest of my life.

In the tradition of my Guru, I offer Kriya Pranayama initiation to those sincere truth seekers wanting this powerful spiritual tool. There is no course requirement or payment for services rendered.

However, I consider it a sacrament and will not share it without due consideration.